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Jonathan Sim has always had a dream. A dream in which he could reach out into the hearts of millions and delight them with magic considered out of this world. However, he does not intend to do it for personal gain. His main goal is simply to entertain, whether it is on a stage or just on the streets.

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What do you do?

I'm a close-up magician. I specialize in card tricks, but I can do tricks with money, coins, napkins, salt shakers, Oreos, and just about anything. With my magic, I can make cards pass through tables, teleport to little bags, and even make the federal reserve seal on a dollar move to the other side of the bill. I do magic every day, and I love it.

What props do you use?

Most of the time, my magic involves playing cards, but I also use coins, thumbs, cups, balls, Rubik's Cubes, pants, and a bunch of other items.

Where do you perform?

That depends on the location; I usually perform in Manhattan in New York, NY.

How long do you perform?

The maximum time is approximately 45 minutes.

How much will it cost for you to perform?

That depends on the location, duration, and the amount of people that attend.

How could I get you to perform?

Click here. I'll get back to you when I can.

What do you need to perform?

You don't need to provide me with anything.

Are you good?

That depends on what you think. I can send you a quick video of me doing magic, and that'll give you an idea.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me!




- Blake Vogt

- Calen Morelli

- Daniel Garcia

- David Blaine

- Evan Cloyd (aka Jarek 1:20)

- Jay Mismag

- Jay Sankey

- Justin Flom

- Mat Franco

- Penn & Teller

- Piff the Magic Dragon

- Shawn Farquhar

- Shin Lim

- Simon Pierro
- Steven Brundage