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What is magic? In my words, magic is deception. Tricks designed to fool the eye, but not just to fool. To amaze and delight. I have loved magic for years and there is no better feeling that I get than when I see the look in someone's eyes. The look of pure joy and wonder after I have shown them something that has never before been seen. The joy that is given to my audience when I show them something is an amazing experience not just for them, but for me, especially. That's why I love magic.

It's easy to dream big. Everyone has dreams. Aspirations of what they can be. Everyone has or has wanted to be something. No matter what you have ever dreamt of becoming, I encourage you to chase that dream. Don't ever give up on what you want to be. It will work out in the long run, if you believe in yourself and dare to dream big.

"Never stop believing what you know you can do." - Jonathan Sim, Magician