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I'm Jonathan Sim, I'm 15 years old, and I'm a magician.

When I was four, my sister and my dad would show me magic tricks and I loved the feeling of watching something completely impossible happen right in front of my eyes. A few years later, I saw a small portion of David Blaine: What Is Magic?, where Blaine had a child name her favorite insect, and she said, "Butterfly." A butterfly then flew right by them and the kids loved it.

I think that was the turning point. Because when I was young, I always wanted to be able to do these impossible things and just amaze people with what I could do. So, I got on my computer, and I started to learn card magic, and then I got a few magic apps and learned even more magic.

There's not a better job in the world. Right now, I'm a high school student. But I've always told myself that one day, I will make it in the magic world.

Magic isn't simply doing tricks and waving wands. The true magic lies in the connection you create with your audience and your ability to inspire them.

Jonathan Sim, Magician